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How We Hire


Submit your CV online for a role that matches your career goals and you will receive an email notification from our Application Tracking System.

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Our recruiters will work with the Hiring Manager to assess each application and you will be informed on the decision via email. We will do the same for each of the later stages.

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30-Minute Phone Interview

If you are selected, you will receive an email invite for the initial 30 min phone interview with our recruiter.

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Technical Test

For some of the roles you may be invited to complete a technical challenge and all the details will be emailed to you.

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60-Minute Phone Interview

Your second phone interview will be with the Hiring Manager and will be about 60 min long.

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Face-to-Face Interviews

At this final stage you will meet several people from the team, mostly on 1-1 basis, at our office or via video conference. With a few breaks between those interviews, you will most likely spend half a day with us. 


If you have successfully completed the interview process you will receive an offer letter from our @People team with details on how and by when to respond.

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