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Pivotal challenges facing CRE today

9 March 2018

Commercial Real Estate is undergoing a period of radical change. “With a historic recession in the rearview mirror, we are now in the fourth-longest economic expansion cycle in US history, and caution is warranted” according to the Risk Management Association (RMA).


Lenders face the challenges of additional regulation, emerging risks from a strengthening economy and higher interest rates. The RMA has identified five challenges facing the CRE business at present:

  • The end of historically low-interest rates
  • Retail issues
  • Current regulatory environment
  • CCAR and construction
  • Multifamily versus single family

CRE lenders can better position themselves to address these threats by improving their management of the underlying loan collateral. The enhanced data governance and integrity associated with transparency over CRE portfolios reduce credit risk, improves regulatory reporting and lowers capital cost, all while delivering the detailed business insights that help drive CRE profitability.

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