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Eoin Cavanagh appointed as Rockall CTO

2 January 2016

Rockall, the global expert in collateral management technology for the banking book, today announced the appointment of Eoin Cavanagh as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

This appointment reinforces Rockall’s strong heritage in delivering innovative banking technology solutions. In his role, and as part of Rockall’s executive team, Eoin will lead Rockall’s technology vision and product design authority. Eoin is also responsible for spearheading the delivery of FASTNET, Rockall’s pioneering securities-based lending solution.

Eoin brings exceptional talent and expertise to the company, with over 25 years of extensive industry experience in software design and development and in the management of teams and projects. He has a strong track record in all aspects of the software lifecycle, particularly in commercializing technology in telecoms, social media, SaaS and data integration and is a consistent innovator and proponent of Agile Methodologies.

Most recently, as a Cloud expert, Eoin led ACIA’s (Aon Centre for Innovation and Analytics) migration of its on-premise flagship product to Amazon Web Services infrastructure. Prior to that, Eoin worked for Amazon Web Services, where he led a DevOps team that designed and operated custom network monitoring solutions. He holds a number of patents in this space around innovative ways to isolate networking faults through simulated traffic probes.

Rockall’s CEO, Richard Bryce commented: “We are excited that Eoin has joined the Rockall team. His exceptional track-record in delivering high-quality technology to drive business value matched with a rigor for good design further enhances Rockall’s ability to deliver fantastic banking collateral management technology”.

Eoin has a degree in Electronic Engineering from University College Dublin, and an MSc from Edinburgh University.

About Rockall Rockall is the global expert in collateral management technology for the banking book, enabling many of the world’s top banks manage over $2 Trillion worth of collateral daily, helping them to handle the complexity required to drive highvolume and high-value loan books while safeguarding against risk. Rockall builds and integrates systems that enable financial institutions accurately manage and assess credit risk, supporting a deep understanding of the credit exposures that drive capital requirements and RWA.

COLLATE is Rockall’s Enterprise Collateral Management solution. COLLATE is highly configurable and delivers collateral data quality and integrity by ensuring that collateral is in place, properly accounted for and perfected. COLLATE’s single repository for all collateral data provides a unified view of credit risk across the enterprise, helping to reduce RWA, satisfy regulatory demands and improve credit risk management; all of which can contribute to risk mitigation with capital and treasury savings.

FASTNET is Rockall’s next-generation Securities-based Lending (SBL) collateral management solution. SBL depends on the ability to monitor loan-to-value ratios when the underlying collateral is both liquid and volatile. FASTNET’s robust portfolio evaluation engine, fed with daily pricing data, powers automated handling of real-time qualification, monitoring and release. FASTNET supports concentration analytics for defined ticker symbols, sectors and geographies, generating alerts by exception. Rockall clients are seamlessly deploying SBL with limited up-front cost and internal disruption to drive significant SBL business growth with risk-managed scalability.

Rockall Technologies has 17 years of experience dedicated to collateral management and is included as one of the top 100 risk technology companies in the world in the RiskTech100®, globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive study of the world’s most significant risk and compliance technology companies. Collateral management is all that we do.

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