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SunTrust Bank, FASTNET’s newest client, to address Rockall’s SBL Forum

10 April 2017

SunTrust Bank to discuss how challenges in scaling SBL business will be resolved with Rockall’s SBL-in-the-cloud product FASTNET.

April 10th, 2017 CHARLOTTE, N.C.— SunTrust Bank, FASTNET’s newest client, will address Rockall’s SBL Forum in Charlotte, NC on April 26th, 2017. FASTNET, Rockall’s SBL-in-the-cloud solution, will be used by SunTrust to support the rapid growth of their Securities-Based Lending (SBL) business and Marc Feliciano, First Vice President – Private Wealth Credit Process and Procedures at SunTrust Bank – joins the Forum to discuss how SunTrust will use FASTNET to resolve the challenges associated with scaling SBL in a risk-managed way. With FASTNET, SunTrust Bank will manage multiple and complex data flows, real-time portfolio monitoring and credit policy flexibility in order to deliver a seamless customer experience. FASTNET will enable SunTrust to enhance its SBL offering, with a faster time-to-approval for its clients, automated monitoring of portfolios to ensure credit policy rules are consistently applied, and sophisticated customer reporting and analytics.

“We are excited that SunTrust has selected our technology, FASTNET, to deliver their next-generation liquid secured lending service”, Rockall CEO Richard Bryce stated. “This news is acknowledgement of Rockall’s capability in delivering product innovation in collateral management. We look forward to partnering with SunTrust as they further scale their SBL business.

Welcoming the news, Doug Meads VP Sales Americas at Rockall said “FASTNET offers SunTrust a fantastic opportunity to ensure best in class risk management while at the same time improving their clients’ experience. This will be a very interesting segment at the Forum.”

FASTNET enables the collateral evaluation, monitoring and release management of securities based loans ensuring the best possible risk management while facilitating growth. Its robust portfolio evaluation engine, fed with daily pricing, reference and ratings data, will enable automated monitoring and appropriate communications with SunTrust clients.

About SunTrust Banks, Inc

SunTrust Banks, Inc. is a purpose-driven company dedicated to Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being for the people, businesses, and communities it serves. Headquartered in Atlanta, the Company has three business segments: Consumer Banking and Private Wealth Management, Wholesale Banking, and Mortgage Banking. Its flagship subsidiary, SunTrust Bank, operates an extensive branch and ATM network throughout the high-growth Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states, along with 24-hour digital access. Certain business lines serve consumer, commercial, corporate and institutional clients nationally. As of September 30, 2016, SunTrust had total assets of $205 billion and total deposits of $159 billion. The Company provides deposit, credit, trust, investment, mortgage, asset management, securities brokerage, and capital market services.

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