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Collateral Management for the Banking Book

COLLATE captures the complexity of the credit landscape and enables substantial loan operations savings, credit risk improvements, accurate credit modelling and capital utilization efficiencies.

COLLATE comprehensively manages and maintains banking book collateral and all of the many-to-many credit eco-system linkages, delivering credit data accuracy and aggregation.

  • Complete workflow to support collateral on-boarding & ongoing maintenance
  • Full control over the credit life-cycle underpinned by data integrity at every stage
  • Rich integration capability with a multiplicity of upstream/downstream internal systems & third-party data services
‘We weren’t getting the full benefit of collateral on the capital side. We decided on Rockall as the best provider of collateral management solutions to meet our requirements.’

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Operational Simplification

Substantial credit risk mitigation with high quality collateral data; collateral is perfected early in the credit lifecycle, dramatically improving data quality for credit modelling, reporting and business decisions.

The benefits
  • Securely manage and maintain all collateral types through the entire credit life cycle, including for complex loans
  • Identify over-collateralization for better capital utilization and improved lending
  • Avoid duplicate data and manual error with a standardized, scalable end-to-end workflow
  • Eliminate expensive data cleansing work through automation
  • Reduce credit losses with more accurate calculations
  • Achieve a fully controlled release process, eliminating inadvertent collateral release

Capital Cost Reduction

High-quality collateral data with correct classifications and aggregation enables the release of capital, delivers asset bundles for better bond coverage, improves RWA and drives capital efficiency.

The benefits
  • Optimize capacity ratios and improve RWA efficiency by closing credit data gaps and demonstrating the security of exposures for improved regulatory compliance
  • Quality assured collateral to optimize bond coverage and loan portfolio management
  • Boost treasury funding through increased used of eligible collateral
  • End-to-end, simplified capital adequacy reporting for the loan book

Credit Risk Improvement

Deliver significant credit risk mitigation to clients with high-quality collateral data.

The benefits
  • Securely manage all types of collateral throughout the complete credit life cycle
  • Identify over-collateralization to release capital and lend more
  • Avoid duplicate data and manual error and eliminate expensive data cleansing
  • Reduce credit losses and allow for more accurate calculations

Uncover Efficiencies & Drive Profits

Perfect collateral early in the credit lifecycle, reduce exception and improve credit model predictability.

The benefits
  • Ability to manage complex loans across different data sources in one location
  • Full control of the release process to eradicate the inadvertent release of collateral or loan securities
  • Apply credit policies at account level, accelerate responses to strategic clients and reduce exceptions
  • Improved loan predictability through the delivery of better-quality data to credit models
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