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Establish a competitive advantage in liquid lending

Securities-Based Lending in the Cloud

FASTNET takes the risk out of liquid lending. Our wealth lending solution easily integrates with existing systems, automating up-to-the-minute credit risk management and reducing friction in the lending process.

Liquid lending is wealth management’s new profit center. As you grow your business, let FASTNET facilitate:

  • Loan evaluation in minutes
  • Risk monitoring against daily market pricing and ratings data
  • Automated management of margin calls
  • Shortened time-to-value and streamlined release management by leveraging cloud technologies, APIs and third-party data feeds
‘One of our clients has grown a $3bn book in three years. Other Rockall wealth customers are experiencing average annual growth in commitments of more than 30%.’

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Liquid Lending Optimization

Evaluate a portfolio in minutes for streamlined loan application handling. Advance rates are readily available to the FA.

The benefits
  • Access to marked-to-market loan and portfolio information enhances the customer experience, accelerating time-to-loan
  • Flexible and up-to-date reporting based on overnight market pricing and ratings optimizes the loan qualification process at a granular level
  • Multiple credit policies and exceptions supported with full risk control and traceability
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Comprehensive Risk Monitoring

Full credit risk at scale. Automated account monitoring based on daily market data, comprehensive analytics with internal control parameters and stress metrics.

The benefits
  • Loan exposures monitored against daily feeds of pricing and ratings data with vast market reach
  • Rapid response risk management at scale delivering triaged risk information, automated margin alerts & correspondence
  • Comprehensive monitoring of overall book health and concentration risk, stress testing dashboards showing how market moves are impacting LTVs
FASTNET - Comprehensive Risk Monitoring

Optimized Release & Enhanced CRM

Facilitate client engagement with fast portfolio trading and lending decisions while closely managing credit risk and workflow.

The benefits
  • Efficient processing of client requests in line with bank policy rules, de-risking drawdown and release decisions
  • Decisions based on daily portfolio valuations, facilitating client trading and avoiding inadvertent releases
  • “What if” sell out modeling with detailed approve/decline reports
  • Streamlined release process with full risk control, based on current market data
FASTNET - Optimized Release & Enhanced CRM

Establish a Competitive Advantage in Liquid Lending

Successful wealth managers delivering scale in wealth lending use automation to drive risk-controlled processes and respond quickly to market volatility.

The benefits
  • FASTNET accelerates every step of the liquid lending process, mitigating risk from evaluation to underwriting to release
  • Automatically evaluate securities portfolios, integrate with the underwriting process and simultaneously satisfy regulatory demands
  • Built to integrate seamlessly with core banking systems. No internal integration or major data readiness effort is required
  • Portfolio, pricing, and ratings data are supplied through our multi-custodian relationships and third-party providers, minimizing the burden on the bank

FASTNET’s cloud-hosted platform ensures rapid upload and updating capabilities. FASTNET is always available, and always on.

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