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We give back

At Rockall, we try to make the world a better place in any small or big way we can and we actively support individual and team initiatives for a good cause.   We try to make an impact in a way that resonates; giving everyone at Rockall a voice, we can direct our activities towards the causes that matter most to us.

We think that it’s important to find ways to engage with our teammates outside of the regular workday, helping to make Rockall a fun and rewarding place to work.  While not part of the formal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, we are also proud that our colleagues come from such a wide range of background, nationalities and cultures.


Rockall matches funds raised and corporately donates to staff-nominated causes every year.  Rockall helps by funding initiatives, either through matched fundraising or through direct donations to a nominated charity, usually where the employee is personally involved.

Here is a selection of the charities we have helped in the process:


Impact days

Everyone at Rockall has a volunteer day – or Impact Day – to use each year to give hands-on help to the causes they care about.  Over the years, our colleagues have helped lots of causes, both as individuals and as part of bigger teams.

Here are some of the activities we have got up to:




As a tech company, of course STEM is close to our hearts.  We like to support initiatives that promote STEM – particularly in the spirit of equal opportunities.

Rockall supports two initiatives that provide work experiences and insights to girls considering careers in technology:

  • Teen turn arranges work placements led by female mentors for 16 year old girls who are typically from schools / localities where the rate of accessing 3rd level education is below the national average.  Girls are nominated by their school to spend two weeks working with a Rockall team on motivating tech projects where they can see the results of their work.
  • I WISH – volunteer Rockall staff participate in the IWISH showcase for girls in 4th and 5th years of secondary school (typically 15-16 year olds).  This event gives access to employers and 3rd level colleges which provide access to careers in technology.


Work experience

Rockall supports transition year students with one-week work placements.  Students have the chance to get involved in real work challenges and projects to develop their technology skills and to gain insights into a potential career in technology.



While our CSR agenda and wider business activities aren’t motivated by individual sustainable development goals it is, nonetheless, rewarding to be able to recognize those goals where we believe we are very strong. 

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